The Latest Creations…

This past week I was on vacation and spent all my time in the hallway priming, painting, cleaning, and sanding but I have to say it is looking soooo much better! I’ll be sharing that soon and I can’t wait to show it off!

This past weekend however, I spent my time ‘wreath making’, that is whenever I wasn’t doing laundry or dishes or being mom.  Well, lets face it, your ALWAYS being mom, or in my case, when your four kids are all about a year apart, your more like, Referee! At least this weekend. Man!!!

Anyhow, I did manage to plow through a few wreaths and I was pretty happy with the outcome:

The Spring Wreath


The PEACE Sign Wreath


The God Bless America Wreath



What do you think???  I would love your opinions and feedback!

So how was your weekend? Did you manage to get any projects done? Thanks for stopping by and….


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Corner Sneak Peak

One of our HUGE goals this year was to really start getting our home into shape.  We have some major construction planned very soon for some upstairs bedrooms and downstairs we are just doing a little tweaking.  We swapped out our old sofa and love seat for some fabulous IKEA finds and I’m working on getting the room put together now.  I am slowly but surly finding our style, putting it together, and making this home, US!

I thought I would share a little corner that’s really starting to make me happy!


At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with this space.  I had imagined something else here, like a bookcase, but in the overall scheme of things it wasn’t going to work.  So eventually, this came together, and when I stepped back to look at it, I really liked it.  


I love to walk by and see one of the kids ‘chillin’ in the chair.  They look so comfy and cozy and it’s definitely become one of there favorite places.

Don’t you just love it when parts of your home really start to come together? I see it, and it just puts a smile on my face!

I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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Gold Painted Mason Jars

gold painted mason jars

I am just completely loving some gold in our home right now, you may remember this from my gold accented picture frame.

I have just finished painting both my kitchen and dining room walls a light grey color called Moonshine, by Benjamin Moore.  It’s so wonderfully light and airy and I love how it gives the illusion of opening up our home.  Gold is the perfect accent color against the cool, light background.  It’s really lending to a fresh, modern look in our old, traditional home.

Pairing them with the pinch pot I made a while ago makes a great center piece.  I cut a little piece from our Forsythia bush in the back yard and added that for a little spring touch.






To switch it up, I moved the mason jar to the bay window and mixed it up among the white planters I bought at IKEA.  I love the group together especially when the sun is shinning in.





To make these jars was super easy.  I’ve had a habit of saving mason jars now for a little while because you never know when one could come in handy.  I simply took a few from my stash and cleaned them up.


A little dish soap and a few swipes of steel wool helped to get that stamped on date to come right off.  Plus it polished the whole jar up to nice shine.  After this step, I let the jars dry completely.



Once dry, I added a squirt of paint…..


Swirled it around with a paintbrush…IMG_4442

Until I had a thin layer coating as much of the jar as I wanted.  If I ran out of paint, I just simply added some more until I reached my desired amount.


This is after the first coat.  Once it was completely dry, I applied a second coat for a more opaque appearance.


To add the forsythia branch this is what I did: The paint in my jar is not sealed at the moment so I can not fill it with water.  To make this work, first I cut my branch to my desired size,


then wrapped it with a wet paper towel.  This will not last forever obviously but for a little while anyways.  And actually, I heard once that if you want to root a plant, wrap it in a paper towel, then soak it in water and the paper towel will help it to get important nutrients.  Not sure how true this is, but every once in a while I give it a whirl anyways.


So then to protect the jar and keep the moisture in, I wrapped the paper towel in a sandwich bag.


Finally covering it with a piece of drop cloth to blend in the jar.


The finished product!IMG_6235





I think I love it in the bay window the best!

Once the forsythia’s time is spent, I’m sure I can find something else, ‘non-perishable’, to go in the jars.  Maybe some feathers or some DIY arrows!

How about you? Anyone else out there still into the DIY gold projects for your home or have you moved onto copper maybe? I think I still have a few more gold projects under my belt before I’m done!

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We Found Our Sofa!

The great sofa hunt was on full boar at our house and I spent all my free time searching and searching aaaand searching the internet for the perfect one! As I said before I had a few guidelines I was going by:

  • Corner sectional preferably with a chaise lounge
  • Sleek lines
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • No Microfiber!
  • Color choices are leaning towards navy blue or grey

As I went along in my search and did some looking and measuring, I realized a corner sectional would work but not with a chaise lounge added onto it due to the size of our living room.  Since I really, really want the chaise, I updated my search to sofa with a chaise.  The measurements were working out much better!  I saw so many that I liked and here are a few that I loved!


CB2 Ditto Peacock Sectional


DwellStudio Wright Right Facing Sectional Sofa

As you can see they fit the bill pretty well.  Beautiful sleek lines, comfortable, and durable.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous.  These are the perfect sofa’s!  Perfect except for this one little thing that kept getting to me.  The Price! On an average I was finding for a good quality sofa I could spend around 3-4k.  Some were a little lower and of course some were much higher than that and waaaay out of my price range! I mean with four kids running around this place and numerous nieces and nephews, I’d be freaken out all the time! I can see it now, me yelling to a kid “WAIT! Before you sit down, have you showered, brushed you teeth, are your clothes clean!?” Just kidding, but do you know what I mean?  Anyway, I was finding some that were between 2-3k and I was wrapping my mind around that.  I mean we spent just under 2 for the sofa-love seat combo that we have now and I was hoping to upgrade the quality a little bit from our last purchase.  Before I settled on any that I really wanted to dump that kind of money into I started looking into a bunch of different reviews on certain ones.  Most reviews were good except for some recurring complaints about sagging cushions. However, as I was searching through these reviews I came across some for a sofa that I had not looked into yet.  I had not looked into this sofa yet because I was going for more pricey which would mean more quality, right, yes,no?  Well, the sofa I’m talking about is the Karlstad sofa chaise lounge from IKEA.  I read a ton of reviews and remember it being referred to as the ‘go-to’ sofa.  The price is waaay down there, like under a grand.  Are you kidding me? Still, I wasn’t locked into it.  I saw a pretty nice sofa with chaise lounge that I really, really liked for under 2k.  I had my mind set to spending up to three grand so I had some thinking to do.  Pluses for this other sofa were; great craftsmanship, beautiful fabric choices, designer quality (pleasing just me, but you know!) Pluses for the Karlstad sofa with chaise lounge; Under a grand, great reviews, removable and washable covers (that for a little over a hundred bucks I can by new ones and change the look.) So for the money and the fact that it will be very kid friendly, I’ve decided to go for the Karlstad sofa.  Also swaying my decision may be the fact that I can now get a new rug and few other things.  So now that we’ve made our great decision, Mike and I will be making our very first ever IKEA trip in a few weeks.  I am so excited!!!!

Last and certainly not least, our final pick for ‘OUR NEW SOFA!!!!!’
The lovely Karlstad sofa with chaise lounge in Isunda Gray.
I feel very happy with this choice and also that this way cool rug will soon be mine as well.
Be well. xo

Living Room Mood Board

As we plan for our future investment of a new sofa, I’ve put together a mood board for what I am planning our living room as a whole, to evolve into.  I’ve really been into some south-western looks as well as some mid-century modern looks recently  and I want to incorporate that into our new living room style.  I want something that will stay fresh and clean (looking) with the ability to evolve as my style and taste changes and evolves as I’m sure it will because so far it has! I want some pieces, like the sofa, that will stay timeless and last through my fickle evolving taste and style and be solid foundations and a clean back drop for what ever color and style I decide to add.
Living Room Mood Board 1
I love the shade of gray on the sofa chaise lounge.  I like it because I think it will be light enough to brighten up our north facing living room which tends to be on the darker side.  I thought of white, which I have tried before with slip covers, and while they are washable, they still stained on the seat part after a while.  The gray covers that we are currently living with are wonderful in the fact that they are not showing signs of staining in anyway.  (We have a no-food or drink policy in our living room.) I wasn’t aware that I may want a new rug for the room until I saw pics using black and white rugs in there south-western decor and I fell in love.  This would be totally fine as I would probably move our current rug up to our bedroom, which we will be working on later in the year.
I just love Love LOVE the leather chair mixed with the fabric sofa.  Not sure if this is something that we can make happen right away but isn’t it just
B-E-A-U-TIFUL! Oh yeah, I LOVE IT!!!! The day I see this is in my living room, I will sing, AHHHHHHHHH!!! I will hit every scale and it will be such sweet harmony!
Moving on.
Also love the white metal media cabinet mixed with the large wooden mirror and of course all of the gold accents that I’ve really been diggin’ lately.  Way cool throw pillows always add a nice touch and who couldn’t use some nice big baskets tossed here and there for some extra storage.
What do you think? Are you planning any room makeovers? What decorating styles are appealing to you lately?

Gold Accented Picture Frame

When I first started seeing gold everywhere, I thought, No Way! I’m not gong there!

Well, that didn’t last long.

Lets see….. gold spray paint, a few gold sharpies, and some gold craft paint later……Yeah!  I think I’ve caught the gold fever and it didn’t take me long to come up with a few projects to start adding gold to my home.

Accenting this picture frame is on way I added gold to my living room.


I felt unsure when I first did this and so I took a gold sharpie and colored in the corners to see if I liked it….and I did! I lived with it that way for a while but recently I figured it needed an official job well done.  So I wanted to take the frame down, tape it off, and paint it with gold paint to give it a nicer look.

01   02

It took about four coats of paint to cover over the gold sharpie.  I had to make sure I let each coat dry completely before applying the next one to ensure good coverage.


final product               IMG_5092



I’m pretty happy with this.  I think adding the accents of gold to this room really help to warm things up a bit and plus I’m really into the look right now. How about you?  Have you gotten the gold fever yet?

The great new sofa hunt begins

We will soon be in the market for a new sofa to go in our living room.  Our currant sofa and love seat have been with us for quite a while and were thinking it’s time to trade up for a nice new pretty sectional!!!  I’ve been doing what I can with our old set to make them last by covering them with slip covers for the last two years.  However, now they are braking down and there’s not too much I can do about that.  So, I guess we’ve put it off long enough and now we finally get to go sofa shopping!!! I’m actually really excited about this and can’t wait to dive right in.

Some guidelines for our new sofa will be:

  • Corner sectional preferably with a chaise lounge
  • Sleek lines
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • NO microfiber!
  • Color choice’s are leaning toward navy blue or grey

After searching the net a little, here are some ideas I’ve come up with so far:

Hunting for a new sofa
We want to really take our time and search for the right one.  We will be going to check out some local furniture galleries at some point to get a better feel of different sofa’s up close and personal.  This will hopefully give us a good idea of what we want for our home and what we don’t.  Shopping for a new sofa is sort of a huge commitment at least for us, and we want to get one that we know we are going to love and be happy with for a very long time.
Are you in the market for a new piece of furniture?