Wreaths For Sale…..

Hello Everyone! As some of you may be able to tell, I have been trying to write a DIY/home improvement blog about our home and family.  I love this very much due to it’s all about the things that I, well LOVE!!!  Home decor, crafts, paint, pretty things, and a lot of good old fashioned gettin your hands dirty and doin it yourself!

Well, on top of trying to keep a running journal of our adventures in the DIY department, I thought I would also try a little new side adventure.  One of the things I LOVE to make are wreaths and I thought I might make and try to sell a few.  I have decided I will promote this adventure through my facebook page, Girl at Home.  I have made my very first wreath to appear on this site and I thought I may use it as a promotional item.  I will give away the wreath for free to the person who shares my facebook page the most to reach 100 likes.  What do you think? Are you in?

Please allow me to share my very first creation to add to the site…







DIY Neon Wooden Kitchen Utensils


As you may have read, I am knee deep in our ‘mini kitchen makeover’ with still lots to do but also the inspiration for today’s DIY project.  While styling my beautifully new white shelves we installed last weekend, an idea came to me to jazz up some of the old wooden utensils I’ve had for years.  This project isn’t hard and it didn’t take me long but I love the large effect it has.  I had bought some neon paint a few weeks ago knowing full well I would find some way to use them!

I started by picking out the utensils I wanted to use.


Then taping them off with some frog tape.


Here we have the first coat of paint applied.


It took about four coats to get decent coverage. As you can see, I couldn’t decide what color I wanted to use, so I went with one of each.  It worked out in the end because I kinda like the rainbow!  The frog tape did a great job at keeping the lines clean and crisp, just a little info incase your looking for a good painters tape.  I usually just use masking tape for small projects like this, but I had it laying around for another much bigger project so decided to give it a trial run.


After I was done painting them and they were completely dry, I tried them out around the kitchen, take a peek….









What do you think??? Super easy, but kinda cute, right? Hey, I was dying to hop on the neon train somehow and this little update worked!


happy friday


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Painting The Kitchen Part Two

Our kitchen is PAINTED!!!! YAY!!!! It went from Techno Gray to Moonshine which we like MUCH better because it really helped to open the space up!

Last we talked, we were here:


I had just taken everything off the walls and patched them the night before and was about to apply the first coat of primer. 

The next day I took down the pot rack and applied two coats of paint which brought us to here:


Oh what a difference a day makes! It’s so open and light and I just LOVE it!! So then the next day during nap time, I tackled this:


Why, hello LACK shelf and GRUNDTAL rails, you look so fresh and clean, I just love you, too!! I had painted the opposite wall the same night but I will show this to you later.  That night I started tackling the front of the kitchen.  Mike helped to remove the cabinets and to patch up the holes.  Here’s a look at the start of that:



We were left with finding places to stash our food and dishes until the shelving came along. 


It took us another night of plastering before we were ready to paint the wall but finally over last weekend we ended up with this:





We just love the space it feels like we have now.  I feel like the kitchen has been opened up and we have more room to move about and LOTS more light than before!

Lets step back and see both the walls:


Here’s an old ‘before’ shot to compare:


This is the old, old paint color called Wooden Spoon that I actually loved! You can see how far the kitchen has come and how far it still has to go.  Some things on our to do list for this ‘mini makeover’ are:

  • Replace the sink with an old cast iron sink on legs
  • New light fixture
  • Replace red formica countertop with a butcher block one
  • New curtains
  • Replace kitchen table with a kitchen cart
  • Add shelves for open pantry

More major improvements will come when we do our major kitchen overhaul, but for now these updates will make us happy with the kitchen that we have. As you could imagine living with that red checkered floor has been tough, how do you even begin to make that look good?  People walk through our front door and they either hate it or love it and are very willing to let us know there opinion!! Some days I hate it and some days I love it, either way, when it comes to the major kitchen overhaul, it will be GONE!  For now, I’m just trying to figure out how to be happy with it.  I have drawn some inspiration from here, but still making this floor work is a tough road.

So, one more time, here’s what we have now:


Even just this is a huge difference and we are so happy with it.  Hopefully by this weekend, we will have a few more things crossed off the list and it will look even better! How about you? Are you knee deep in the middle of any spring makeovers or do you have some planned? Part of me is just glad that spring has finally arrived!

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Painting The Kitchen

Our kitchen last night before the first coat of primer!


Mini kitchen makeover part one has commenced!

The weekend before last, Mike and I drove down to IKEA, sans children, to purchase our new sofa and also to get the shelves and accessories I would need to move on with our kitchen plans. I still need to go back for a kitchen cart that was sold out and  make another trip to home depot to finish gathering supplies for our open pantry shelves.  This past weekend, we purchased the pine boards for these shelves and had them cut to size.

So with some supplies finally on hand and some paint purchased a few weeks ago, I decided to start painting last night.  Our weekends are always so busy so I can not rely on them for the time I need for projects around the house. So, I have marked off in my mind the kitchen into three different sections.  Last night I primed the first section and I will be painting it tonight as well as applying a coat of primer to the second section.  If my plan goes as it should, then the kitchen should be getting it’s last coat of paint Friday night and be ready for some floating shelves Saturday morning!

The Perfect Pouf


As we update our living room by doing things like  hunting for a new sofa and changing out the art work, we are also on the look out for a few odds and ends like a pouf to add personality and seating to the room.  I took to the internet to scope out my options and see what I could find.  An awesome leather pouf would have been perfect!!!!  Oh, how perfect it would be…..however, the budget I have set aside for these things is sort of at the shallow end of the budget pool if you know what I mean!!! So anyhoo, I searched, I liked, I moved on, rinse and repeat!  Until one day, I was walking down the isle at Target and spotted a very handsome looking pouf!

I pulled it off the shelf, put it on the floor and told Molly to sit on it and see if she liked it.  She was very willing to help me out and also gave it a two thumbs up.  So in the cart it went and with a seventy dollar price tag it was mine! Score!!!




The off white and navy pattern go perfect with our decor and I really love the south western vibe it has.  It seems rugged like it will stand the test of time.  Hopefully it does!

Once we arrived home it was a major hit the second it came through the door.  Everyone had to try it out and plan when they would be using it!   Is it the little things with your kids too? I love how quickly they notice when something new is brought into the home and how full of compliments they are.  Makes my day!!

Picking A Color For The Hallway

Last spring, I took on the project of painting the hallway.  It was something I knew I wanted to do mainly because I had been looking at primed walls for about three years but I had not quite decided on a color.  So at the start of my vacation week I ran to Sherwin Williams and picked out a color.  I knew it had to be light and airy because our hallway is so small and dark.  I chose a color sort of like a light aqua only it was less blue and more green.  In the morning sun as I was painting it, I thought it was beautiful! Than the night came and we had to flick on the hall light and all of a sudden I thought I was in the twilight zone.  A green haze filled the hallway and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I think my exact thought was “NOOOOOOOOOOO” or something like that! I had just bought FOUR gallons of that paint. A HUGE mistake! Luckily I had only painted the downstairs hall and up the staircase.  I had not painted the upstairs hall yet.  So my time was saved but not my money.  Boo Hoo, I cried for a while but was determined that I was going to fix it! So, now, after living with a half painted hallway for about a year I am on my way to cleaning up my mess.  First of all, anybody want about three gallons of a light sea green paint? Just asking. Second of all, I have been doing some research this time on the PERFECT hallway/entry way color.  My research has led me to two colors very popular in interior design right now and just lighting up pinterest.  The colors? Benjamin moore Revere Pewter and Benjamin Moore Edgecombe Gray.  I went to the paint store this morning and purchased a quart of each. 

Here it is in our downstairs hallway.  I chose specifically to take these pictures at night do to the condition of the lighting.  Unfortunately, it is the darkest part of the day that we will be living with this color the most and as this winter has proven, in Vermont we have winter about six months out of the year!  So, here we have Revere Pewter and Edgecombe Gray side by side, Edgecombe Gray being the top color.  While I like both colors, I think that the Edgecombe Gray is going to be the better choice.  As I was going through the reviews, I really thought I was going to end up with Revere Pewter as my #1 choice but I really think it will be too dark for our already too dark hallway.  I think the Edgecombe gray will be the lighter and better choice.  Neither of the colors seems to give off a weird tint or hue which is good because I still have plans for Revere Pewter. 



Here, Revere Pewter is on the top.


So painting will be my first step in this hallway and still to come; the staircase,trim and a new door!  As you can see in the photos below, we have beautiful woodwork through out this house but it is in desperate need of repair.  Take a look:





We have refinished the wood trim in the living and dining rooms but plan on painting the rest.  I want to paint the trim white here to brighten up the space but need to work in the staircase somehow.  It is a beautiful staircase and the beauty of it should not be lost under a coat of paint.  So my job is to figure out how to do that.  That’s going to be my project this spring and I’m getting excited and stressing out about how I’m going to do that. 

First things are first and getting the walls right will be a great start.  My plans are set for next weekend. 

How about you.  Any decorating/painting dilemmas? Anyone else out there trying to figure out how to balance natural woodwork with painted trim? If so, I would love your thoughts!



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DIY Rainbow Wreath Tutorial

rainbow wreath

This easy peasy rainbow wreath is what I made to add a little color and fun to my daughters simple party decor.  Easy and simple and BAM…a pop of color! We didn’t have a lot of time this year to make a big party for her but of course we wanted something fun and simple and memorable. I did a little cowgirl party (which I may do again and ELABORATE!) and made these cute little wreaths to add some color to her ‘party corner’. Our two daughters thought they were sooo cool and pretty! I just may have to do this again for the spring.  Maybe on the front door to add a little welcoming color.

Here’s the super simple DIY tutorial for this awesome rainbow wreath!

First up, the Supplies: Cardboard (I used a cereal box), colored paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun.  Not pictured here: Cutting mat,straight edge, utility knife, and a bowl (or something round of varying sizes) to trace a circle.


Step two: Trace your circles.


Step three: Cut out your circles.



Step four: Cut the colored paper into strips (mine were an inch and a half wide).



Step five: Cut your strips in half (mine ended up being about three inches in length so this step depends on the length of your paper to begin with).


Step six: Arrange your strips of paper to be how you might like them on your wreath.



Step seven: Start gluing the strips of paper onto your cardboard frame.



When you are finished, this is what you will have:




Now display them however you choose!











That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this little springtime-ish tutorial.  I so can’t wait for spring to finally get here so I can feel the warm air, see the snow melt away and finally start seeing some green!

Xo Ivy

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