The Latest Creations…

This past week I was on vacation and spent all my time in the hallway priming, painting, cleaning, and sanding but I have to say it is looking soooo much better! I’ll be sharing that soon and I can’t wait to show it off!

This past weekend however, I spent my time ‘wreath making’, that is whenever I wasn’t doing laundry or dishes or being mom.  Well, lets face it, your ALWAYS being mom, or in my case, when your four kids are all about a year apart, your more like, Referee! At least this weekend. Man!!!

Anyhow, I did manage to plow through a few wreaths and I was pretty happy with the outcome:

The Spring Wreath


The PEACE Sign Wreath


The God Bless America Wreath



What do you think???  I would love your opinions and feedback!

So how was your weekend? Did you manage to get any projects done? Thanks for stopping by and….


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