More Shelves For The Kitchen Make-Over

Last week I shared with you the first part of our mini kitchen make-over.  Replacing the old cupboards with open shelves was a great decision and we still can’t believe how much it has opened our kitchen up! Not to mention taking down the hanging pot rack and lightening up the walls!

So this past weekend we were fast at work again putting shelves up on yet another wall.  This wall will act as our open kitchen pantry.  We removed the kitchen table completely and replaced the space with shelves and an IKEA kitchen cart.  We LOVE it!!! The kitchen feels so user friendly now if that even makes sense! With these shelves open we have easy access to anything on them which makes getting snacks or ingredients for dinner a snap!



When I had first envisioned this set-up in my mind, I had hoped the microwave would fit onto the shelves and blend in.  After the shelves were installed, I realized that wasn’t going to work out so I moved over a metal shelving unit to house the microwave instead.  Now that it’s all said and done, I think I like this better.

I absolutely adore having the kitchen cart instead of the table.  We use it all the time for just about anything.  We can even sit at it! For now we have an old fashioned milk container pulled up to it to sit on but eventually I would like to get some of those cool metal stools I’ve seen at Target. A couple of them would be nice to give the kids a place to sit and eat a bowl of cereal.

The shelves are going to need a little tweaking.  They are not exactly level and that’s because we measured from the ceiling and did not use a level.  Lesson learned!! So sometime this week, we will take everything off, fix them, then pile everything back on, sounds like fun right?  Why didn’t we just do it to begin with you ask?  Well because it was Sunday night with Monday fast approaching and I needed my kitchen back in order….that’s why!



So tweaking them aside, we are really pleased with the natural look they have.  The only thing is the other shelves are a modern white floating shelf and I want them to co-exist  like they belong together.  My thoughts are to polyurethane the wooden pine shelves to darken them a little and then add white stripes going the width of the board to modernize them.  It’s either that or paint them all white and I don’t think I want to do that.  I like the look were getting by adding an organic natural feel to some modern touches…..maybe it looks okay just the way it is.  We’ll be able to tell better once we get the other sink in and add a few more touches.   




Well that’s what we have for now.  Were definitely  liking the progress our home is making.  Now we just have to learn where everything is again…nothing throws me off more in the kitchen than when the trash gets moved! Ugh….woops! Scrapped another plate onto the floor!!!!

Oh and did you catch a glimpse of our faux frosted kitchen door, more on that later!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Painting The Kitchen Part Two

Our kitchen is PAINTED!!!! YAY!!!! It went from Techno Gray to Moonshine which we like MUCH better because it really helped to open the space up!

Last we talked, we were here:


I had just taken everything off the walls and patched them the night before and was about to apply the first coat of primer. 

The next day I took down the pot rack and applied two coats of paint which brought us to here:


Oh what a difference a day makes! It’s so open and light and I just LOVE it!! So then the next day during nap time, I tackled this:


Why, hello LACK shelf and GRUNDTAL rails, you look so fresh and clean, I just love you, too!! I had painted the opposite wall the same night but I will show this to you later.  That night I started tackling the front of the kitchen.  Mike helped to remove the cabinets and to patch up the holes.  Here’s a look at the start of that:



We were left with finding places to stash our food and dishes until the shelving came along. 


It took us another night of plastering before we were ready to paint the wall but finally over last weekend we ended up with this:





We just love the space it feels like we have now.  I feel like the kitchen has been opened up and we have more room to move about and LOTS more light than before!

Lets step back and see both the walls:


Here’s an old ‘before’ shot to compare:


This is the old, old paint color called Wooden Spoon that I actually loved! You can see how far the kitchen has come and how far it still has to go.  Some things on our to do list for this ‘mini makeover’ are:

  • Replace the sink with an old cast iron sink on legs
  • New light fixture
  • Replace red formica countertop with a butcher block one
  • New curtains
  • Replace kitchen table with a kitchen cart
  • Add shelves for open pantry

More major improvements will come when we do our major kitchen overhaul, but for now these updates will make us happy with the kitchen that we have. As you could imagine living with that red checkered floor has been tough, how do you even begin to make that look good?  People walk through our front door and they either hate it or love it and are very willing to let us know there opinion!! Some days I hate it and some days I love it, either way, when it comes to the major kitchen overhaul, it will be GONE!  For now, I’m just trying to figure out how to be happy with it.  I have drawn some inspiration from here, but still making this floor work is a tough road.

So, one more time, here’s what we have now:


Even just this is a huge difference and we are so happy with it.  Hopefully by this weekend, we will have a few more things crossed off the list and it will look even better! How about you? Are you knee deep in the middle of any spring makeovers or do you have some planned? Part of me is just glad that spring has finally arrived!

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Painting The Kitchen

Our kitchen last night before the first coat of primer!


Mini kitchen makeover part one has commenced!

The weekend before last, Mike and I drove down to IKEA, sans children, to purchase our new sofa and also to get the shelves and accessories I would need to move on with our kitchen plans. I still need to go back for a kitchen cart that was sold out and  make another trip to home depot to finish gathering supplies for our open pantry shelves.  This past weekend, we purchased the pine boards for these shelves and had them cut to size.

So with some supplies finally on hand and some paint purchased a few weeks ago, I decided to start painting last night.  Our weekends are always so busy so I can not rely on them for the time I need for projects around the house. So, I have marked off in my mind the kitchen into three different sections.  Last night I primed the first section and I will be painting it tonight as well as applying a coat of primer to the second section.  If my plan goes as it should, then the kitchen should be getting it’s last coat of paint Friday night and be ready for some floating shelves Saturday morning!

The great new sofa hunt begins

We will soon be in the market for a new sofa to go in our living room.  Our currant sofa and love seat have been with us for quite a while and were thinking it’s time to trade up for a nice new pretty sectional!!!  I’ve been doing what I can with our old set to make them last by covering them with slip covers for the last two years.  However, now they are braking down and there’s not too much I can do about that.  So, I guess we’ve put it off long enough and now we finally get to go sofa shopping!!! I’m actually really excited about this and can’t wait to dive right in.

Some guidelines for our new sofa will be:

  • Corner sectional preferably with a chaise lounge
  • Sleek lines
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • NO microfiber!
  • Color choice’s are leaning toward navy blue or grey

After searching the net a little, here are some ideas I’ve come up with so far:

Hunting for a new sofa
We want to really take our time and search for the right one.  We will be going to check out some local furniture galleries at some point to get a better feel of different sofa’s up close and personal.  This will hopefully give us a good idea of what we want for our home and what we don’t.  Shopping for a new sofa is sort of a huge commitment at least for us, and we want to get one that we know we are going to love and be happy with for a very long time.
Are you in the market for a new piece of furniture?

What to do with the french doors??

The french doors that live in the doorway between the living room and entrance way have become a topic of  discussion lately.   There a great accent to the home and one of the first things that we thought was pretty cool about the house.  Lately though I’m not exactly sure what I think of them.  We keep them open simply because it makes maneuvering around the house a lot easier than opening and shutting the doors all the time.  However, with them open they take up space on the living room walls.  Space that I could use better if the doors were not there.  To be able to use this space, I’ve been toying with a couple of ideas;

Idea A.) Close the doors and see if we can function with opening and closing them all day long.

Idea B.) Remove the doors completely.

I’ve decided to take idea A for a test drive and so for the last couple of days I have tried to keep the doors closed.   For a little while we can deal with opening and shutting them but as soon as the kids are home from school and moving about the house, it seems we want them open all the time. If  we decide this is something we will be able to figure out how to live with, the second half to idea A will be what to do with the doors if we decide to keep them there.  We could sand and clear coat them just like the trim in the living room or we could paint them a crisp white just like we plan to do with the trim in the entrance way.

Idea B is appealing to me because I could have the wall space that I want and not have to mess with the function of the house.  Removing them may also feel like we are opening things up a bit and of course if I ever change my mind we could just put them back on.

To give you an idea of what we’ve got going on here’s the living room in its currant condition.



Whatever idea we choose to go with, it will allow us to center the TV/media wall and to remove some clutter from my work space area.  What do you think we should do?  What would you do if it was your house?