Five Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Holy smokes people!
Father’s day is one month away!
Usually, around here, Mothers and Fathers day is so crazy busy with stuff going on for the kids (the whole reason why we celebrate mothers and fathers day) that we don’t take the time to really appreciate each other, from each other, with nice gifts.  I mean, the kids make us stuff and that is always really nice and I cherish all of them and so does Mike, but to go out and do something really nice for each other doesn’t usually happen. EVER.
This year, Mike out did himself and took me to the jewelers so I could pick out a mothers ring.  We parked downtown and walked to his ‘surprise’ location which happened to be the jewelry store.  As we stood outside he opened the door and said, “NO exceptions, Ivy, THIS is happening!”  I have a tendency to put things for myself off and sometimes even talk him out of doing stuff for me, but he was very determined this time, and now……..we have ordered an awesome mothers ring and it will be here next week and I’m so excited!!!!
So NOW, I have to come up with a super awesome, Father’s day gift in return.  Oh where to begin, I had absolutely NO idea! Soooo, I hit the internet for some ideas and here’s a few things I came up with…..
Fathers day gift ideas
1. A cool pair of shades: Mike has always had a cheap pair of sunglasses (the ones pictured are a cheaper pair, but the ideas there), I think it might be nice to finally get him some nice ones.

2. Headphones to chill to some music: Again, all Mike has are some ear buds and actually I think there mine for when I go jogging (strictly a summer hobby), so again, nice ones would be good.  

3. A watch: This would probably be the “equal” I am looking for.  A really nice watch, well a sort of really nice watch, not one that’s equal in value to my home but you know what I mean.  This is a great idea!

4. Binoculars: We are not exactly the bird watching type yet, but give us ten years and we might be!  My father and brothers are avid bird watchers, for them this would be a great gift!

5. My last idea is a hammock for napping in the backyard:  I am a little afraid to give this gift for fear that my Sunday to-do list would suffer for it! But seriously, we totally need this in our backyard!

So, there I have it, five awesome idea starters.  Good thing I got just about a month to work on this.  It’s gotta be a good one this year, he deserves it!

With four kids you would think that we had some well established Mothers and Fathers day traditions already in place, but we don’t. Were still working on them.  Each year, the kids wake us up, hug and kiss us and wish us a great day.  Then they hand us there hand-made gifts and whatever card or cards they got going on, we say how much we love them and the day goes from there.

Now that I think about it,  maybe we DO have a little tradition going!





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