Gold Painted Mason Jars

gold painted mason jars

I am just completely loving some gold in our home right now, you may remember this from my gold accented picture frame.

I have just finished painting both my kitchen and dining room walls a light grey color called Moonshine, by Benjamin Moore.  It’s so wonderfully light and airy and I love how it gives the illusion of opening up our home.  Gold is the perfect accent color against the cool, light background.  It’s really lending to a fresh, modern look in our old, traditional home.

Pairing them with the pinch pot I made a while ago makes a great center piece.  I cut a little piece from our Forsythia bush in the back yard and added that for a little spring touch.






To switch it up, I moved the mason jar to the bay window and mixed it up among the white planters I bought at IKEA.  I love the group together especially when the sun is shinning in.





To make these jars was super easy.  I’ve had a habit of saving mason jars now for a little while because you never know when one could come in handy.  I simply took a few from my stash and cleaned them up.


A little dish soap and a few swipes of steel wool helped to get that stamped on date to come right off.  Plus it polished the whole jar up to nice shine.  After this step, I let the jars dry completely.



Once dry, I added a squirt of paint…..


Swirled it around with a paintbrush…IMG_4442

Until I had a thin layer coating as much of the jar as I wanted.  If I ran out of paint, I just simply added some more until I reached my desired amount.


This is after the first coat.  Once it was completely dry, I applied a second coat for a more opaque appearance.


To add the forsythia branch this is what I did: The paint in my jar is not sealed at the moment so I can not fill it with water.  To make this work, first I cut my branch to my desired size,


then wrapped it with a wet paper towel.  This will not last forever obviously but for a little while anyways.  And actually, I heard once that if you want to root a plant, wrap it in a paper towel, then soak it in water and the paper towel will help it to get important nutrients.  Not sure how true this is, but every once in a while I give it a whirl anyways.


So then to protect the jar and keep the moisture in, I wrapped the paper towel in a sandwich bag.


Finally covering it with a piece of drop cloth to blend in the jar.


The finished product!IMG_6235





I think I love it in the bay window the best!

Once the forsythia’s time is spent, I’m sure I can find something else, ‘non-perishable’, to go in the jars.  Maybe some feathers or some DIY arrows!

How about you? Anyone else out there still into the DIY gold projects for your home or have you moved onto copper maybe? I think I still have a few more gold projects under my belt before I’m done!

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