More Shelves For The Kitchen Make-Over

Last week I shared with you the first part of our mini kitchen make-over.  Replacing the old cupboards with open shelves was a great decision and we still can’t believe how much it has opened our kitchen up! Not to mention taking down the hanging pot rack and lightening up the walls!

So this past weekend we were fast at work again putting shelves up on yet another wall.  This wall will act as our open kitchen pantry.  We removed the kitchen table completely and replaced the space with shelves and an IKEA kitchen cart.  We LOVE it!!! The kitchen feels so user friendly now if that even makes sense! With these shelves open we have easy access to anything on them which makes getting snacks or ingredients for dinner a snap!



When I had first envisioned this set-up in my mind, I had hoped the microwave would fit onto the shelves and blend in.  After the shelves were installed, I realized that wasn’t going to work out so I moved over a metal shelving unit to house the microwave instead.  Now that it’s all said and done, I think I like this better.

I absolutely adore having the kitchen cart instead of the table.  We use it all the time for just about anything.  We can even sit at it! For now we have an old fashioned milk container pulled up to it to sit on but eventually I would like to get some of those cool metal stools I’ve seen at Target. A couple of them would be nice to give the kids a place to sit and eat a bowl of cereal.

The shelves are going to need a little tweaking.  They are not exactly level and that’s because we measured from the ceiling and did not use a level.  Lesson learned!! So sometime this week, we will take everything off, fix them, then pile everything back on, sounds like fun right?  Why didn’t we just do it to begin with you ask?  Well because it was Sunday night with Monday fast approaching and I needed my kitchen back in order….that’s why!



So tweaking them aside, we are really pleased with the natural look they have.  The only thing is the other shelves are a modern white floating shelf and I want them to co-exist  like they belong together.  My thoughts are to polyurethane the wooden pine shelves to darken them a little and then add white stripes going the width of the board to modernize them.  It’s either that or paint them all white and I don’t think I want to do that.  I like the look were getting by adding an organic natural feel to some modern touches…..maybe it looks okay just the way it is.  We’ll be able to tell better once we get the other sink in and add a few more touches.   




Well that’s what we have for now.  Were definitely  liking the progress our home is making.  Now we just have to learn where everything is again…nothing throws me off more in the kitchen than when the trash gets moved! Ugh….woops! Scrapped another plate onto the floor!!!!

Oh and did you catch a glimpse of our faux frosted kitchen door, more on that later!

Thanks for stopping by!

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3 thoughts on “More Shelves For The Kitchen Make-Over

  1. It looks great! You could possibly “pickle” the shelves if you wanted, too – they sell a white stain that lightens the wood. I like them as-is, though. We have cute Target stools – I love them, only issue is I think they’re a hair too tall to sit comfortably. They come in two different heights though – I should’ve gotten the shorter ones. I still might Craigslist these and get lower ones. And I hear you about the microwave! I really want a fancy stainless/glass range hood to put over our stove, instead of the microwave. I think we are going to figure out a way to make a space for a smaller one in the open bookshelf/cabinet we want to build. I really need to do an update!

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