Wreaths For Sale…..

Hello Everyone! As some of you may be able to tell, I have been trying to write a DIY/home improvement blog about our home and family.  I love this very much due to it’s all about the things that I, well LOVE!!!  Home decor, crafts, paint, pretty things, and a lot of good old fashioned gettin your hands dirty and doin it yourself!

Well, on top of trying to keep a running journal of our adventures in the DIY department, I thought I would also try a little new side adventure.  One of the things I LOVE to make are wreaths and I thought I might make and try to sell a few.  I have decided I will promote this adventure through my facebook page, Girl at Home.  I have made my very first wreath to appear on this site and I thought I may use it as a promotional item.  I will give away the wreath for free to the person who shares my facebook page the most to reach 100 likes.  What do you think? Are you in?

Please allow me to share my very first creation to add to the site…







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