Painting The Kitchen Part Two

Our kitchen is PAINTED!!!! YAY!!!! It went from Techno Gray to Moonshine which we like MUCH better because it really helped to open the space up!

Last we talked, we were here:


I had just taken everything off the walls and patched them the night before and was about to apply the first coat of primer. 

The next day I took down the pot rack and applied two coats of paint which brought us to here:


Oh what a difference a day makes! It’s so open and light and I just LOVE it!! So then the next day during nap time, I tackled this:


Why, hello LACK shelf and GRUNDTAL rails, you look so fresh and clean, I just love you, too!! I had painted the opposite wall the same night but I will show this to you later.  That night I started tackling the front of the kitchen.  Mike helped to remove the cabinets and to patch up the holes.  Here’s a look at the start of that:



We were left with finding places to stash our food and dishes until the shelving came along. 


It took us another night of plastering before we were ready to paint the wall but finally over last weekend we ended up with this:





We just love the space it feels like we have now.  I feel like the kitchen has been opened up and we have more room to move about and LOTS more light than before!

Lets step back and see both the walls:


Here’s an old ‘before’ shot to compare:


This is the old, old paint color called Wooden Spoon that I actually loved! You can see how far the kitchen has come and how far it still has to go.  Some things on our to do list for this ‘mini makeover’ are:

  • Replace the sink with an old cast iron sink on legs
  • New light fixture
  • Replace red formica countertop with a butcher block one
  • New curtains
  • Replace kitchen table with a kitchen cart
  • Add shelves for open pantry

More major improvements will come when we do our major kitchen overhaul, but for now these updates will make us happy with the kitchen that we have. As you could imagine living with that red checkered floor has been tough, how do you even begin to make that look good?  People walk through our front door and they either hate it or love it and are very willing to let us know there opinion!! Some days I hate it and some days I love it, either way, when it comes to the major kitchen overhaul, it will be GONE!  For now, I’m just trying to figure out how to be happy with it.  I have drawn some inspiration from here, but still making this floor work is a tough road.

So, one more time, here’s what we have now:


Even just this is a huge difference and we are so happy with it.  Hopefully by this weekend, we will have a few more things crossed off the list and it will look even better! How about you? Are you knee deep in the middle of any spring makeovers or do you have some planned? Part of me is just glad that spring has finally arrived!

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3 thoughts on “Painting The Kitchen Part Two

  1. It looks great! I love the open shelves. The floor is fun… depending on how kitschy you want to make it, a deep teal green for the lower cabinets could tie into it nicely. Or a deep charcoal! I’ve got cabinet painting on the brain because I think it’s a project I’ll *finally* be starting in the next week or two. Tomorrow though starts some outdoor updates – painting the front door and starting the foundation. 🙂

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