Painting The Kitchen

Our kitchen last night before the first coat of primer!


Mini kitchen makeover part one has commenced!

The weekend before last, Mike and I drove down to IKEA, sans children, to purchase our new sofa and also to get the shelves and accessories I would need to move on with our kitchen plans. I still need to go back for a kitchen cart that was sold out and  make another trip to home depot to finish gathering supplies for our open pantry shelves.  This past weekend, we purchased the pine boards for these shelves and had them cut to size.

So with some supplies finally on hand and some paint purchased a few weeks ago, I decided to start painting last night.  Our weekends are always so busy so I can not rely on them for the time I need for projects around the house. So, I have marked off in my mind the kitchen into three different sections.  Last night I primed the first section and I will be painting it tonight as well as applying a coat of primer to the second section.  If my plan goes as it should, then the kitchen should be getting it’s last coat of paint Friday night and be ready for some floating shelves Saturday morning!


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