The Perfect Pouf


As we update our living room by doing things like  hunting for a new sofa and changing out the art work, we are also on the look out for a few odds and ends like a pouf to add personality and seating to the room.  I took to the internet to scope out my options and see what I could find.  An awesome leather pouf would have been perfect!!!!  Oh, how perfect it would be…..however, the budget I have set aside for these things is sort of at the shallow end of the budget pool if you know what I mean!!! So anyhoo, I searched, I liked, I moved on, rinse and repeat!  Until one day, I was walking down the isle at Target and spotted a very handsome looking pouf!

I pulled it off the shelf, put it on the floor and told Molly to sit on it and see if she liked it.  She was very willing to help me out and also gave it a two thumbs up.  So in the cart it went and with a seventy dollar price tag it was mine! Score!!!




The off white and navy pattern go perfect with our decor and I really love the south western vibe it has.  It seems rugged like it will stand the test of time.  Hopefully it does!

Once we arrived home it was a major hit the second it came through the door.  Everyone had to try it out and plan when they would be using it!   Is it the little things with your kids too? I love how quickly they notice when something new is brought into the home and how full of compliments they are.  Makes my day!!


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Pouf

  1. Love it! Is it from Target? I saw quite a few there yesterday, including a nifty yellow one that was calling my name. I managed to resist, though, since I don’t have anywhere to put it. The zebra sequin pillows, on the other hand…

    • Yes, it’s from Target. I picked it up before we went to Ikea, so it may end up in the girls room eventually if the living room becomes too overwhelmed. Ooohh, Zebra sequin pillows, I think I missed those!! I just may have to go back sooner than I thought!!!

  2. Hey there! I just found you & your blog this morning… I’m loving getting caught up on some of your great posts! I actually just found a similar pouf online at Target for $32! Navy & off-white chevron… Says it’s an outdoor pouf, but it sure is going right on in my little guy’s nursery!

    • I am also glad to have another reader, I’m so glad you decided to stop by! What a steal for that pouf! And actually I read a great tip in BHG from a home owner who chose to re-do her dining room seat cushions in outdoor fabric to help make them more kid proof. Sounded like a great idea to me!

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