Picking A Color For The Hallway

Last spring, I took on the project of painting the hallway.  It was something I knew I wanted to do mainly because I had been looking at primed walls for about three years but I had not quite decided on a color.  So at the start of my vacation week I ran to Sherwin Williams and picked out a color.  I knew it had to be light and airy because our hallway is so small and dark.  I chose a color sort of like a light aqua only it was less blue and more green.  In the morning sun as I was painting it, I thought it was beautiful! Than the night came and we had to flick on the hall light and all of a sudden I thought I was in the twilight zone.  A green haze filled the hallway and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I think my exact thought was “NOOOOOOOOOOO” or something like that! I had just bought FOUR gallons of that paint. A HUGE mistake! Luckily I had only painted the downstairs hall and up the staircase.  I had not painted the upstairs hall yet.  So my time was saved but not my money.  Boo Hoo, I cried for a while but was determined that I was going to fix it! So, now, after living with a half painted hallway for about a year I am on my way to cleaning up my mess.  First of all, anybody want about three gallons of a light sea green paint? Just asking. Second of all, I have been doing some research this time on the PERFECT hallway/entry way color.  My research has led me to two colors very popular in interior design right now and just lighting up pinterest.  The colors? Benjamin moore Revere Pewter and Benjamin Moore Edgecombe Gray.  I went to the paint store this morning and purchased a quart of each. 

Here it is in our downstairs hallway.  I chose specifically to take these pictures at night do to the condition of the lighting.  Unfortunately, it is the darkest part of the day that we will be living with this color the most and as this winter has proven, in Vermont we have winter about six months out of the year!  So, here we have Revere Pewter and Edgecombe Gray side by side, Edgecombe Gray being the top color.  While I like both colors, I think that the Edgecombe Gray is going to be the better choice.  As I was going through the reviews, I really thought I was going to end up with Revere Pewter as my #1 choice but I really think it will be too dark for our already too dark hallway.  I think the Edgecombe gray will be the lighter and better choice.  Neither of the colors seems to give off a weird tint or hue which is good because I still have plans for Revere Pewter. 



Here, Revere Pewter is on the top.


So painting will be my first step in this hallway and still to come; the staircase,trim and a new door!  As you can see in the photos below, we have beautiful woodwork through out this house but it is in desperate need of repair.  Take a look:





We have refinished the wood trim in the living and dining rooms but plan on painting the rest.  I want to paint the trim white here to brighten up the space but need to work in the staircase somehow.  It is a beautiful staircase and the beauty of it should not be lost under a coat of paint.  So my job is to figure out how to do that.  That’s going to be my project this spring and I’m getting excited and stressing out about how I’m going to do that. 

First things are first and getting the walls right will be a great start.  My plans are set for next weekend. 

How about you.  Any decorating/painting dilemmas? Anyone else out there trying to figure out how to balance natural woodwork with painted trim? If so, I would love your thoughts!



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5 thoughts on “Picking A Color For The Hallway

  1. Beautiful entryway! I would paint just the tops of the newel posts and the banister white as well. If you like it, leave it, if not continue the white down the rest of the newel post. Oh and paint the door and change out the handle.

    • Thanks for the great advice! I just may try that on the stairway to see how I like it. We are planning on getting a whole new door due to the fact that we have had a lot of drafts this winter…a white one with a BIG window!!!

      • Beautiful! I’m glad you wrote back, right after I sent you the note, I saw an entry similar to yours where they left it all wood except painted the spindles white gloss. Looked great too! good luck with it – its all finicky – speaking from experience…

  2. Such beautiful wood trim! I wish our house had that sort of character, but being a 70s ranch…. not so much, hahaha. I do love wood trim. But I get wanting to brighten it up, too. I could see leaving the stair treads, posts and spindles wood, as suggested above, and maybe paint the risers white along with the caps and bannister? Also – I’ve used Howard’s Restor A Finish in the past with fantastic results on refreshing the look of wood and it’s about a thousand times less intensive than refinishing. I’ve bought mine at Home Depot.

    • Thanks! I love the wood trim too but like you I want to brighten it up! Thanks for the great suggestions and the tip for restoring the finish. I can’t wait to get to work on it soon but last weekend we were busy buying our new Karlstad sofa!…That we love soooo much!

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