Happy Friday & Free iphone Wallpaper

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you all had an awesome week.  I got my very first iphone a few days ago and I’ve been having fun trying to figure it out. A week or so ago as I was searching the net for diy blogs and decor ideas, I came across the blog, eat drink chic.  I was scoping it out and came across some really cute iphone wallpaper and thought I should save it for when i get my iphone.  Well, as I said that day was a few days ago and while I’m trying to figure out the phone, I quickly learned how to download some really awesome wallpaper.  I thought I would share:



If you like it, stop on by her blog and snag it up, it’s free!

I will be busy this weekend as we celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday and our other daughter’s very first gymnastics meet.  I have a cute tutorial planned for next week so please stop back in! Have an awesome weekend!


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