DIY Himmeli Wreath


Have you seen a Himmeli wreath yet? I saw one for the first time last year and it stopped me right in my tracks because it was so stunning and beautiful.  Once I laid eyes on it I knew it was in my future to own one and sooner rather than later. I looked into them a little bit and discovered an etsy shop that made himmeli wreaths and mobiles. While looking through this shop I was just drooling over all the dazzling geometric beauty and lovely gold lines that made up these simply gorgeous creations.  They are seriously beautiful and you should check them out for yourself here!

I also looked up what himmeli actually means. It means a Finnish mobile traditionally made from straw or other similar material.  More descriptive definitions say it was made specifically from rye straw and hung over the table to insure a good rye harvest.   The word himmeli is derived from the Swedish word himmel, meaning sky or heaven. Not sure why I wanted to look the word up, just think I wanted to know what I was actually saying (or typing) when saying the word himmeli and just in case you didn’t know either, now you do! Your welcome!

The first place I saw a himmeli wreath was on Vintage Revivals and it just happened to be an awesome tutorial about how to make your own (check that out here.)  My first time glancing at the tutorial, I was like, WOW, that is going to take a while! I really wanted to try it but kind of shied away from it at first because it seemed a little complicated.  I already had the wire and all the other supplies, I just needed some straws and I would be able to begin.  It didn’t take much to convince myself that I really wanted to do this, so my next trip to the market I picked some up ( I couldn’t find cocktail straws so I got coffee stirrers, turns out I think there the same thing)and was ready for my project that night.  I just took it slow and step by step following the directions very carefully and I was glad to discover that it really wasn’t that bad at all.  In total it took me probably about an hour and  a half to two hours to complete my project (not including spray painting which I did the next day.)  Most of it is repetition, so once you get the hang of it, its just repeating those steps again and again.  When you are finished you have a beautiful wreath to be very proud of!

Here’s what I got:





Pretty Cool, Huh?!

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All Images: Ivy Bingham for Girl @ Home.

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