Happy Friday!


We have been trapped inside FOREVER it seems! I think that we have more snow this winter than the past two or three winters put together and it has been soooo cold! The good part is my boys are learning to pay if forward by helping some of our neighbors shovel out there driveways and walkways.  In return all of my children have been invited out to the movies as a gesture of returned kindness and on some of the really cold mornings they get offered rides to school.  This winter has really pulled our little neighborhood together and if your looking for a silver lining to a winter that seems never ending I guess that would be it. 

This past Friday, Mike brought me home flowers for Valentines day.  This morning was the first morning I think all week that the sun shined in through the windows and spilled some light onto them.  They looked so beautiful in the sunshine! The lillies just started opening up about a day ago and now they are giving off a light sweet fragrance that gently hits you when walking by.  There a happy little reminder that spring will be on its way, hopefully sooner than later!












To help ease up the winter blues along with some beautiful flowers, I did a little on-line shopping today! I bought two new rugs, one for the living room and a runner for the hallway.  I bought two cheap prints that I think will look awesome in some white picture frames, one for the living room and one for the hallway and an Industrial sconce lamp also for the hallway.  I’ve been taking my time and really planning out the look that I want to capture.  Now I feel like a little kid at Christmas just waiting for my packages to arrive! I’m getting so excited to start seeing my visions fall into place.  Needless to say, between the flowers, the sunshine, and the shopping, today turned out to be a pretty good day.

How about you, how are you battling the winter blues?


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