Etsy Finds: Shopping For My Kitchen

In anticipation of the little kitchen makeover we have planned for the spring, I have been doing some ‘window’ shopping on Etsy.  There are some items I will be in need of once we complete our updates and so I’ve started the search now.  On the very top of the list is a new set of dishes.  I haven’t bought dishes in years and when I did it was a set of four, clearly not enough for our family of six and of course I would like to have extra for when we have company over.  I have been using hand-me-downs from family members for years to get us by and have been putting off splurging on a good set of our own for quite long enough now.  I’m declaring it officially time to get mama a new set of dishes!

Next on the list would be some new storage for an open pantry layout.  I figure I will need some big and small storage containers to keep the area looking neat and tidy.

Last on the list (for today anyway) are new dish towels.  As I drool over all the pretty kitchens online, I can’t help but not notice a pretty towel always perfectly draped over the kitchen sink.  When I finish our mini makeover, I want that perfect towel draped over my sink!

Here are some of my favorite items I found today:

blue spruce plate

burlap storage

Tea towels

I love those vintage dishes! The only problem is they are a set of nine and I was really hoping for more.  Maybe they could be mixed in with an all white set to add to the numbers.

What do you think of those burlap storage bins? I think they would be perfect! I love that they are adjustable and made of cloth, this would make a good mix of texture if I added in some some baskets as well.

How about those tea towels? Adorable!

What do you think of my Etsy finds?  If you like any of them you can find item one here, item two here, and item three here.

I love shopping for new stuff.  Even if I’m not ready to buy right away I love the whole process of finding exactly what I’m looking for.  Are you in the market for anything new? Do you like shopping?


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