We Found Our Sofa!

The great sofa hunt was on full boar at our house and I spent all my free time searching and searching aaaand searching the internet for the perfect one! As I said before I had a few guidelines I was going by:

  • Corner sectional preferably with a chaise lounge
  • Sleek lines
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • No Microfiber!
  • Color choices are leaning towards navy blue or grey

As I went along in my search and did some looking and measuring, I realized a corner sectional would work but not with a chaise lounge added onto it due to the size of our living room.  Since I really, really want the chaise, I updated my search to sofa with a chaise.  The measurements were working out much better!  I saw so many that I liked and here are a few that I loved!


CB2 Ditto Peacock Sectional


DwellStudio Wright Right Facing Sectional Sofa

As you can see they fit the bill pretty well.  Beautiful sleek lines, comfortable, and durable.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous.  These are the perfect sofa’s!  Perfect except for this one little thing that kept getting to me.  The Price! On an average I was finding for a good quality sofa I could spend around 3-4k.  Some were a little lower and of course some were much higher than that and waaaay out of my price range! I mean with four kids running around this place and numerous nieces and nephews, I’d be freaken out all the time! I can see it now, me yelling to a kid “WAIT! Before you sit down, have you showered, brushed you teeth, are your clothes clean!?” Just kidding, but do you know what I mean?  Anyway, I was finding some that were between 2-3k and I was wrapping my mind around that.  I mean we spent just under 2 for the sofa-love seat combo that we have now and I was hoping to upgrade the quality a little bit from our last purchase.  Before I settled on any that I really wanted to dump that kind of money into I started looking into a bunch of different reviews on certain ones.  Most reviews were good except for some recurring complaints about sagging cushions. However, as I was searching through these reviews I came across some for a sofa that I had not looked into yet.  I had not looked into this sofa yet because I was going for more pricey which would mean more quality, right, yes,no?  Well, the sofa I’m talking about is the Karlstad sofa chaise lounge from IKEA.  I read a ton of reviews and remember it being referred to as the ‘go-to’ sofa.  The price is waaay down there, like under a grand.  Are you kidding me? Still, I wasn’t locked into it.  I saw a pretty nice sofa with chaise lounge that I really, really liked for under 2k.  I had my mind set to spending up to three grand so I had some thinking to do.  Pluses for this other sofa were; great craftsmanship, beautiful fabric choices, designer quality (pleasing just me, but you know!) Pluses for the Karlstad sofa with chaise lounge; Under a grand, great reviews, removable and washable covers (that for a little over a hundred bucks I can by new ones and change the look.) So for the money and the fact that it will be very kid friendly, I’ve decided to go for the Karlstad sofa.  Also swaying my decision may be the fact that I can now get a new rug and few other things.  So now that we’ve made our great decision, Mike and I will be making our very first ever IKEA trip in a few weeks.  I am so excited!!!!

Last and certainly not least, our final pick for ‘OUR NEW SOFA!!!!!’
The lovely Karlstad sofa with chaise lounge in Isunda Gray.
I feel very happy with this choice and also that this way cool rug will soon be mine as well.
Be well. xo

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