Living Room Mood Board

As we plan for our future investment of a new sofa, I’ve put together a mood board for what I am planning our living room as a whole, to evolve into.  I’ve really been into some south-western looks as well as some mid-century modern looks recently  and I want to incorporate that into our new living room style.  I want something that will stay fresh and clean (looking) with the ability to evolve as my style and taste changes and evolves as I’m sure it will because so far it has! I want some pieces, like the sofa, that will stay timeless and last through my fickle evolving taste and style and be solid foundations and a clean back drop for what ever color and style I decide to add.
Living Room Mood Board 1
I love the shade of gray on the sofa chaise lounge.  I like it because I think it will be light enough to brighten up our north facing living room which tends to be on the darker side.  I thought of white, which I have tried before with slip covers, and while they are washable, they still stained on the seat part after a while.  The gray covers that we are currently living with are wonderful in the fact that they are not showing signs of staining in anyway.  (We have a no-food or drink policy in our living room.) I wasn’t aware that I may want a new rug for the room until I saw pics using black and white rugs in there south-western decor and I fell in love.  This would be totally fine as I would probably move our current rug up to our bedroom, which we will be working on later in the year.
I just love Love LOVE the leather chair mixed with the fabric sofa.  Not sure if this is something that we can make happen right away but isn’t it just
B-E-A-U-TIFUL! Oh yeah, I LOVE IT!!!! The day I see this is in my living room, I will sing, AHHHHHHHHH!!! I will hit every scale and it will be such sweet harmony!
Moving on.
Also love the white metal media cabinet mixed with the large wooden mirror and of course all of the gold accents that I’ve really been diggin’ lately.  Way cool throw pillows always add a nice touch and who couldn’t use some nice big baskets tossed here and there for some extra storage.
What do you think? Are you planning any room makeovers? What decorating styles are appealing to you lately?

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