What to do with the french doors??

The french doors that live in the doorway between the living room and entrance way have become a topic of  discussion lately.   There a great accent to the home and one of the first things that we thought was pretty cool about the house.  Lately though I’m not exactly sure what I think of them.  We keep them open simply because it makes maneuvering around the house a lot easier than opening and shutting the doors all the time.  However, with them open they take up space on the living room walls.  Space that I could use better if the doors were not there.  To be able to use this space, I’ve been toying with a couple of ideas;

Idea A.) Close the doors and see if we can function with opening and closing them all day long.

Idea B.) Remove the doors completely.

I’ve decided to take idea A for a test drive and so for the last couple of days I have tried to keep the doors closed.   For a little while we can deal with opening and shutting them but as soon as the kids are home from school and moving about the house, it seems we want them open all the time. If  we decide this is something we will be able to figure out how to live with, the second half to idea A will be what to do with the doors if we decide to keep them there.  We could sand and clear coat them just like the trim in the living room or we could paint them a crisp white just like we plan to do with the trim in the entrance way.

Idea B is appealing to me because I could have the wall space that I want and not have to mess with the function of the house.  Removing them may also feel like we are opening things up a bit and of course if I ever change my mind we could just put them back on.

To give you an idea of what we’ve got going on here’s the living room in its currant condition.



Whatever idea we choose to go with, it will allow us to center the TV/media wall and to remove some clutter from my work space area.  What do you think we should do?  What would you do if it was your house?


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