The living room past and present

Since we’ve been in our house, the living room is probably the room to go through the most change during the last three years.  When we moved in both the living and dining room’s were painted this squash yellow color.  I liked the color itself and really enjoyed the way it played with sunlight during different times of the day but ultimately it felt very dark.  The baseboard heaters were painted brown and the wood trim was in desperate need of something.  At that point we were not sure if we would paint the trim or try to refinish it somehow back to its original beauty.

Here it is in fall of 2010.



Early summer of 2011 we took on the project of refinishing the wood trim in the dining room (more on that later) and painting both rooms.  We wanted to go lighter in color to give the appearance an open and fresh space.  Here are some pictures of it’s first transformation.  These pictures were taken more in the fall as you can probably tell!!

Without white slipcovers…


With white slipcovers…






We later switched to grey slipcovers for several reasons.  1. The white was looking worn and stained no matter how many times I washed it.  2. The grey covers have a separate cover for the cushions which allow them to stay in place better. 3. I was leaning toward a color change.



Here is the living room during our 2013 holiday season.  You may be able to tell that this past spring I repainted walls once again and sanded and polyurethane the woodwork (all except the molding and the french doors (guess what I’m doing this spring).  I think it’s finally getting some style.  I’m learning to start doing what works for me and pull together looks that are functional and fit my style.


This is the other shot of the room where I am trying to fit in a work space.  It is still a work in progress but over the next couple of months I plan to really pull it together.


I have a lot to think about and do.  We’ve already done so much but I feel so far away from where I want to be.

A few of the ideas I have for this room are:

  • New sectional sofa
  • Floating shelves instead of bookcase
  • Hang TV on wall
  • Add shelves/storage/art to TV wall
  • Add shelves/chair/art to workspace
  • Add a couple floor poufs

Some concerns I have are making the room work with the french doors.  I know what I need the room to function as but I am not sure how to make it work so that things don’t look too busy or out of place.  Also mixing with the tones of natural wood with white.  I know the two go well together but it will need to be done right.

How about you, are you in the process of doing any rooms over? How’s it going for you?


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