The Latest Creations…

This past week I was on vacation and spent all my time in the hallway priming, painting, cleaning, and sanding but I have to say it is looking soooo much better! I’ll be sharing that soon and I can’t wait to show it off!

This past weekend however, I spent my time ‘wreath making’, that is whenever I wasn’t doing laundry or dishes or being mom.  Well, lets face it, your ALWAYS being mom, or in my case, when your four kids are all about a year apart, your more like, Referee! At least this weekend. Man!!!

Anyhow, I did manage to plow through a few wreaths and I was pretty happy with the outcome:

The Spring Wreath


The PEACE Sign Wreath


The God Bless America Wreath



What do you think???  I would love your opinions and feedback!

So how was your weekend? Did you manage to get any projects done? Thanks for stopping by and….


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Five Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Holy smokes people!
Father’s day is one month away!
Usually, around here, Mothers and Fathers day is so crazy busy with stuff going on for the kids (the whole reason why we celebrate mothers and fathers day) that we don’t take the time to really appreciate each other, from each other, with nice gifts.  I mean, the kids make us stuff and that is always really nice and I cherish all of them and so does Mike, but to go out and do something really nice for each other doesn’t usually happen. EVER.
This year, Mike out did himself and took me to the jewelers so I could pick out a mothers ring.  We parked downtown and walked to his ‘surprise’ location which happened to be the jewelry store.  As we stood outside he opened the door and said, “NO exceptions, Ivy, THIS is happening!”  I have a tendency to put things for myself off and sometimes even talk him out of doing stuff for me, but he was very determined this time, and now……..we have ordered an awesome mothers ring and it will be here next week and I’m so excited!!!!
So NOW, I have to come up with a super awesome, Father’s day gift in return.  Oh where to begin, I had absolutely NO idea! Soooo, I hit the internet for some ideas and here’s a few things I came up with…..
Fathers day gift ideas
1. A cool pair of shades: Mike has always had a cheap pair of sunglasses (the ones pictured are a cheaper pair, but the ideas there), I think it might be nice to finally get him some nice ones.

2. Headphones to chill to some music: Again, all Mike has are some ear buds and actually I think there mine for when I go jogging (strictly a summer hobby), so again, nice ones would be good.  

3. A watch: This would probably be the “equal” I am looking for.  A really nice watch, well a sort of really nice watch, not one that’s equal in value to my home but you know what I mean.  This is a great idea!

4. Binoculars: We are not exactly the bird watching type yet, but give us ten years and we might be!  My father and brothers are avid bird watchers, for them this would be a great gift!

5. My last idea is a hammock for napping in the backyard:  I am a little afraid to give this gift for fear that my Sunday to-do list would suffer for it! But seriously, we totally need this in our backyard!

So, there I have it, five awesome idea starters.  Good thing I got just about a month to work on this.  It’s gotta be a good one this year, he deserves it!

With four kids you would think that we had some well established Mothers and Fathers day traditions already in place, but we don’t. Were still working on them.  Each year, the kids wake us up, hug and kiss us and wish us a great day.  Then they hand us there hand-made gifts and whatever card or cards they got going on, we say how much we love them and the day goes from there.

Now that I think about it,  maybe we DO have a little tradition going!





Corner Sneak Peak

One of our HUGE goals this year was to really start getting our home into shape.  We have some major construction planned very soon for some upstairs bedrooms and downstairs we are just doing a little tweaking.  We swapped out our old sofa and love seat for some fabulous IKEA finds and I’m working on getting the room put together now.  I am slowly but surly finding our style, putting it together, and making this home, US!

I thought I would share a little corner that’s really starting to make me happy!


At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with this space.  I had imagined something else here, like a bookcase, but in the overall scheme of things it wasn’t going to work.  So eventually, this came together, and when I stepped back to look at it, I really liked it.  


I love to walk by and see one of the kids ‘chillin’ in the chair.  They look so comfy and cozy and it’s definitely become one of there favorite places.

Don’t you just love it when parts of your home really start to come together? I see it, and it just puts a smile on my face!

I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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Tutorial: How To Faux Frost A Window




Today, I would like to share a project I did last July.  We’ll be switching up our door soon so I wanted to share the project while the door is still functioning in our house.

Our back door is an old wooden door with a small, square, clear glass window.  Since we moved in I had been trying to cover it with some sort of curtain that just never seemed to fit.  Whatever I chose just always seemed wrong so I began to search for alternate ideas to cover the window.  Eventually, I learned about faux frosting glass with contact paper.  I decided to give this a try for a couple of reasons, one: it would be cheap; just the cost of a roll of contact paper, and two: if I could do it right, it would be the clean and modern look I was looking for.

Here is our door before:



The first steps you take to start faux frosting a window are easy.  It is the last step of applying the contact paper to the glass that gets a little meticulous because you need to make sure your applying it evenly and keeping in-line with your pattern.  As long as you go slow and take your time it should be fine.

So to start, you need to decide on your pattern and stencil.  I chose to draw out my own stencil and transfer it to card stock so it could stand up to me tracing it over and over again many times.




Next, you want to trace your stencil onto the contact paper. You should measure your window to get an idea of how many *decals* you will need for your window.  Before you begin, plan your design carefully so you know what your about to do. I chose to place my decals about a 1/2 inch apart and in a diagonal pattern.  I figured out I may need about thirty decals for my window.  In the end, I ended up using 27 so I was pretty close.


After you trace and cut out your decals it’s time to place them on your window.  Make sure the window is clean before you start.  I chose to start my pattern with what I figured would be about the second row in.  I did this because I wanted to place the outside row in such a way that I would have to cut them to make them fit on the window giving the illusion that they were a part of the glass when the window was cut.

A trick I figured out was to place the contact paper on the glass staring from the middle so that you could work the bubbles out as you went along.  I tried to use a plastic scraper to help work out the bubbles but that method left some lines that became permanent.  I then tried using a somewhat damp cloth to help press the bubbles out and that worked better.  A lot of the bubbles I just ended up chasing to the edge with my fingertip.  What I learned after the contact paper was on the glass for a while was that all the bubbles that I couldn’t get out eventually worked themselves out.  I don’t know if it was from the sun or the heat but eventually, maybe over the first month they were all gone!


So after I got them all in place, I had to go back and trim the outside row with a razor.  Once that was done, my window was done! And that was it.  It was really pretty simple, a little time consuming, but very simple.  Of course, I had a small window to cover so a larger window would obviously take a lot more time.

The after:






What a difference!

When I stood back and looked at it, I knew I had found the window treatment I was looking for. I loved it!! I was very, very happy!  And, ten months later I am still very happy with it.  I can report that after having the contact paper on the glass through extreme heat and extreme cold, there are no signs of it peeling or coming undone in anyway, shape, or form.  I carefully clean it every so often with a little windex and that hasn’t bothered it either!

So there you have it! What do you think? Would you ever consider faux frosting a window?

I like it soooo much better than a curtain!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


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Burlap Wreath With Chevron Bow


Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Hope the start of the week is going great!


This burlap wreath is part of a collection of wreaths I plan on bringing to our local farmers market.  I look forward to being able to take custom orders and make people happy with something I can do.  This simple wreath featured can be embellished with an initial of a last name, a symbol from your favorite team or something recognizing the job you love.  The possibilities are endless! I’m trying to get a hundred likes on my facebook page which is where I post the pictures of my latest creations.  If all of you out there wouldn’t mind liking my page and maybe sharing it, that would be GREAT!!! I plan on hosting a give-a-way once I get to 100! If your not local, no problem, I can always ship away! As of right now, I have three wreaths pictured on my page, but like it and see the new ones as soon as I post them.  I appreciate all the support offered.

Lots of love and thank you very much!!!!!

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Gold Painted Mason Jars

gold painted mason jars

I am just completely loving some gold in our home right now, you may remember this from my gold accented picture frame.

I have just finished painting both my kitchen and dining room walls a light grey color called Moonshine, by Benjamin Moore.  It’s so wonderfully light and airy and I love how it gives the illusion of opening up our home.  Gold is the perfect accent color against the cool, light background.  It’s really lending to a fresh, modern look in our old, traditional home.

Pairing them with the pinch pot I made a while ago makes a great center piece.  I cut a little piece from our Forsythia bush in the back yard and added that for a little spring touch.






To switch it up, I moved the mason jar to the bay window and mixed it up among the white planters I bought at IKEA.  I love the group together especially when the sun is shinning in.





To make these jars was super easy.  I’ve had a habit of saving mason jars now for a little while because you never know when one could come in handy.  I simply took a few from my stash and cleaned them up.


A little dish soap and a few swipes of steel wool helped to get that stamped on date to come right off.  Plus it polished the whole jar up to nice shine.  After this step, I let the jars dry completely.



Once dry, I added a squirt of paint…..


Swirled it around with a paintbrush…IMG_4442

Until I had a thin layer coating as much of the jar as I wanted.  If I ran out of paint, I just simply added some more until I reached my desired amount.


This is after the first coat.  Once it was completely dry, I applied a second coat for a more opaque appearance.


To add the forsythia branch this is what I did: The paint in my jar is not sealed at the moment so I can not fill it with water.  To make this work, first I cut my branch to my desired size,


then wrapped it with a wet paper towel.  This will not last forever obviously but for a little while anyways.  And actually, I heard once that if you want to root a plant, wrap it in a paper towel, then soak it in water and the paper towel will help it to get important nutrients.  Not sure how true this is, but every once in a while I give it a whirl anyways.


So then to protect the jar and keep the moisture in, I wrapped the paper towel in a sandwich bag.


Finally covering it with a piece of drop cloth to blend in the jar.


The finished product!IMG_6235





I think I love it in the bay window the best!

Once the forsythia’s time is spent, I’m sure I can find something else, ‘non-perishable’, to go in the jars.  Maybe some feathers or some DIY arrows!

How about you? Anyone else out there still into the DIY gold projects for your home or have you moved onto copper maybe? I think I still have a few more gold projects under my belt before I’m done!

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More Shelves For The Kitchen Make-Over

Last week I shared with you the first part of our mini kitchen make-over.  Replacing the old cupboards with open shelves was a great decision and we still can’t believe how much it has opened our kitchen up! Not to mention taking down the hanging pot rack and lightening up the walls!

So this past weekend we were fast at work again putting shelves up on yet another wall.  This wall will act as our open kitchen pantry.  We removed the kitchen table completely and replaced the space with shelves and an IKEA kitchen cart.  We LOVE it!!! The kitchen feels so user friendly now if that even makes sense! With these shelves open we have easy access to anything on them which makes getting snacks or ingredients for dinner a snap!



When I had first envisioned this set-up in my mind, I had hoped the microwave would fit onto the shelves and blend in.  After the shelves were installed, I realized that wasn’t going to work out so I moved over a metal shelving unit to house the microwave instead.  Now that it’s all said and done, I think I like this better.

I absolutely adore having the kitchen cart instead of the table.  We use it all the time for just about anything.  We can even sit at it! For now we have an old fashioned milk container pulled up to it to sit on but eventually I would like to get some of those cool metal stools I’ve seen at Target. A couple of them would be nice to give the kids a place to sit and eat a bowl of cereal.

The shelves are going to need a little tweaking.  They are not exactly level and that’s because we measured from the ceiling and did not use a level.  Lesson learned!! So sometime this week, we will take everything off, fix them, then pile everything back on, sounds like fun right?  Why didn’t we just do it to begin with you ask?  Well because it was Sunday night with Monday fast approaching and I needed my kitchen back in order….that’s why!



So tweaking them aside, we are really pleased with the natural look they have.  The only thing is the other shelves are a modern white floating shelf and I want them to co-exist  like they belong together.  My thoughts are to polyurethane the wooden pine shelves to darken them a little and then add white stripes going the width of the board to modernize them.  It’s either that or paint them all white and I don’t think I want to do that.  I like the look were getting by adding an organic natural feel to some modern touches…..maybe it looks okay just the way it is.  We’ll be able to tell better once we get the other sink in and add a few more touches.   




Well that’s what we have for now.  Were definitely  liking the progress our home is making.  Now we just have to learn where everything is again…nothing throws me off more in the kitchen than when the trash gets moved! Ugh….woops! Scrapped another plate onto the floor!!!!

Oh and did you catch a glimpse of our faux frosted kitchen door, more on that later!

Thanks for stopping by!

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